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Knowing Creatively for children and kids Lots of game-exercise cards designed and developed to make learning math fun and easy. Each book explains and shows all the practical elements of mathematics for children and kids of primary and middle school: from the world of numbers from 1 to 10, to learn how to count, up to the problems of percentage, fraction and decimal calculation, to deal with the more complex mathematics.
Teaching by Playingfor teachers A guide for educators, teachers, psychologists, pedagogues to create, through the Psycho-Math, an educational-teaching path for the development of the numerical world in Kindergarten. The books in this series dedicated to those who teach are rich of experiences, training paths and pedagogical methodologies based on years of experience in schools.
Children 3-6 years Kids 6-14 Years
I.S.P.E.F. Library is enriched with a new series of books dedicated to teaching mathematics. All books in the catalog are e-book and can be downloaded in pdf format. Consult the entire catalog, created around the needs of children/kids and educators, teachers, psychologists, pedagogues and discover all the books of Playing with Math at a great price.
Teachers 3-6 years Teachers 6-14 years Playing withMATH Playing withMATH Entire Catalog E-Book Publishing
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