Objectives of the CEIS Certification
TCS Certification - TRAINING COMPETENCES and SKILLS on Teachers Professionalism is characterized to acquire skills related to: the improvement of educational processes and methods of intervention of teachers; the enhancement of human resources and professional teachers in the system and of training services in the university institutions. The realization of the TCS certification on TEACHER PROFESSIONALISM allows to achieve the following objectives: 1. a spread of teaching methods and evaluation criteria that allow: to train and develop a scientific mind, a common pedagogical language, shared methodological criteria; to be contextualized and tailored to the educational experience of the teachers; 2. la training of experienced teachers in educational methodologies, relationships and socio-psycho-cognitive assessments of learning; 3. la documented production of good practice in the field of educational psychology, structured according to the rules and instruments of Educational Sciences, and communicated on the Internet so as to form a bank of "best practices" that can be experienced in any other educational situation; 4.The development of a strong motivation for participating teachers, as involved in the expression and appreciation of their skills and professional potential; 5. la participation of the Institution University / Institution of Higher Education, with involvement in the development and monitoring of educational interventions made by the teachers.
CURRICULUM UPDATED The curriculum must state the career of a teacher with a focus on his training in the field DEGREE Degree or Master or any equivalent qualification WORK EXPERIENCE  Teacher with at least 3 years of professional service, or who proves to have at least 3 years of experience in the educational sector. WORK EXPERIENCE SPECIFICATIONS Description professional activity that demonstrates the participation in positions of responsibility and / or coordination in the University and to projects improving the quality of educational service, signed by the candidate. SPECIFIC TRAINING Academic training documents and professional experiences achieved SKILLS AND ABILITIES Declaration of the University’s Director he works for on the motivation and availability of the teacher in service training.
Documentation for Certification To attain the TCS certification the teacher must carry the following set of documents that describe your training and professional history:
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